The National Economic Empowerment Council (NEEC)


The National Economic Empowerment Council(NEEC) is a national apex institution that oversees the implementation of empowerment initiatives in Tanzania. It is a strategic leader in fac  ilitating, coordinating and monitoring the implementation of empowerment initiatives aiming at guiding Tanzanians to a strong national economy through an encouraging business environment and fair economic participation.

Among the key functions of NEEC are to coordinate implementation of empowerment activities across sectors and players, mobilise resources for the citizens’ credit guarantee fund and administer its usage, facilitate entrepreneurship training programmes for various groups of citizens, and collaborate and network with organisations and institutions which promote empowerment, development and entrepreneurship.

NEEC is mandated to collaborate with various institutions and organizations for the purpose of promoting empowerment of citizens (to exploit economic opportunities, access services, and contribute to their economic livelihoods and the overall economy).

Tanzania Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness Centre (TECC)

TECC Logo Final

TECC is a public private academia partnership (PPAP) as foreseen in the MKUKUTA II implementation arrangement, to create knowledge economy with skilled manpower and entrepreneurs and support local economic development through Public Private Partnership. The private sector is represented by TPSF, government by NEEC and academia by COSTECH. TECC was established in 2013.


  • To promote entrepreneurship culture to Tanzanians
  • To promote innovative approaches to SMEs interventions (going beyond the current equation) IDEA+TRAINING+SEED MONEY=SUCCESS
  • Build competencies for competitiveness of entrepreneurs and businesses
    • Train local experts and cluster facilitators
    • Clustering approach to build competitiveness
    • Scan, identify competitiveness challenges, develop new services


  • Over 33,000 applications in four years
  • Over 9,200 trained in practical business development
  • 6,000 Winners awarded SEED grants
  • 42% women, 40% youth participants
  • 85% formalised, 40% created jobs in the first year
  • 82% increased incomes, 80% increased profits
  • 142 BDSPs trained on Innovation and competitiveness
Youth Business International (YBI)

The social mission of YBI (established 2000) is to tackle global youth unemployment.It is an international network of independent organisations across 40 countries, supporting under-served young people (18 – 35 years) wanting to start a business but without the means to do so.In 2013, network members supported over 14,000 young entrepreneurs and trained over 190,000.
YBI partners with locally-led, expert organisations; with shared mission and values, and helps its members to achieve greater impact (individual empowerment, business survivability, jobs created, stronger communities) with expanded scale and at greater speed.The YBI Network Team comprises 27 employees based in London.

Tanzania LNG

KijanaJiajiri program is supported by a group of companies conducting gas exploration in Tanzania. This includes BG Group, Statoil, ExxonMobil, Ophir  and Pavilion Energy.