The Process

To provide support to young Tanzanians, Kijana Jiajiri programme follow the below value chain in sequential order

Awareness provision

The challenge that we are facing as a country is immense. It is impossible to know just how many young people are unemployed today. Therefore we conduct media outreach programmes through our partners such as NEEC, SIDO, TCCIA, VETA, LGA, Colleges, Restless, IYF, MIYCS,

Business Idea Screening

Business Idea/concept template (screening). Before collecting business ideas we provide training on Self Awareness and Opportunity identification through credible and trusted experts such as SIDO trainers through TECC design modules.

Idea Evaluation

Checklist of successful businesses selection criteria Training on: Entrepreneurship Business planning Business formalisation (2 days) Through SIDO Trainers,TECC Design.

Practical Business Plan Development

At this stage, we provide practical guide to business plan development and loan guidance. Training provided includes sources of finance,power of networking, ICT for Life and business etc through SIDO Trainers and TECC design.

Mentoring Guide

At this stage, we provide training on managing enterpries, mentoring per youth business internation modules through YBI partners, TECC mentoring manager and SIDO trainers.

Mentoring on Sustainability

At this stage, we provide mentoring sessions,business networks, training on innovation and competitiveness through selected mentors, banks and other partners.